Derek Riedle

Speaker. Storyteller. Enthusiast.


Derek Riedle is Founder and Publisher of Civilized, the leading lifestyle brand and multiplatform media company that speaks to the millions of adults who chose to enjoy cannabis as a healthy part of a balanced lifestyle. An award-winning entrepreneur, political advisor, television producer and creative story-teller, Derek is igniting positive change in the global cannabis industry and helping shatter outdated stigma.

He is a traveler who splits his time between the world’s two largest cannabis economies – Canada and California – and has a unique, global perspective on the culture and industry that he shares with audiences around the world. He is working to make the world a better, more accepting and cannabis-friendly place by sharing and documenting the stories of those shaping it. Derek believes in the many benefits of cannabis – for general wellness, relationships, athletic pursuits and unleashing creativity, and is a champion for its legalization worldwide.

Beyond his passion for connecting the global cannabis community, Derek is a dedicated father, husband, friend and fitness enthusiast. He loves to visit new places and embraces new experiences. Above all else, he loves nothing more than connecting with people and hearing their stories.